Monday, February 19, 2018

Junior School Assembly and Awards

This week, the Bilby class presented their beautiful butterflies. The class have been exploring 'Mini Beasts'. They read the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle and looked at the changes that take place from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Our award recipients this week are; Juke Ferguson, Kyemma Betts, Dejean Waitere, Elijah Yeomans, Charlie Eddy, Lana Richards and Brook Everett.

A very Happy Birthday to Kayesla Butler and Kix Young.

Secondary Interhouse Swimming

The weather was HOT so the students were keen to jump in the pool for the Secondary Interhouse Swimming Carnival.


12 yrs Age Champion
Maclyn Scarborough
Juke Ferguson
12 yrs Runner up
Emma Woods
Myles Armstrong
13 yrs Age Champion
Jordan Brook
Noah Fogarty
13 yrs Runner up
Darcie Osborne
Jack Rogers
14 yrs Age Champion
Olivia Miller
Liam Brown
14 yrs Runner up
Reagan Ernst
Dorran Green
15 yrs Age Champion
Anjeleah Corrigan
Ben Stevenson
15 yrs Runner up
Charli Gallagher
Orry Ferguson
16 yrs Age Champion
Jessie Miller
Ned Marshall
16 yrs Runner up
Catherine Weicks
Owen Hyden
Open Age Champion
Ronnie Critchley
Harry McQueen
Open Runner up
Olivia Treacy
Kelland Eliott

BOYS                                                              GIRLS
Anning Shield 12/13/14 yrs                                   Norman Powell 12/13/14
1.     Black                                                        1. Bryce
2.    Bacon/Dickson                                           2. Archie
3.    Bacon
Daking-Smith   15/16/opens                                  JE Bullow  15/16/opens
1.     Bacon                                                       1. Bryce
2.    Dickson                                                    2. Bacon
3.    Black                                                        3. Archie
                                                                Paula Tavasci Breastroke         Trophy
1.     Bryce
2.    Archie
3.    Bacon

Aggregate -Overall                                             Aggregate-Robins cup Overall
1 Bacon                                                     1 Bryce
2 Dickson                                                  2 Bacon
3 Black                                                     3 Archie

12yrs boys
Juke Ferguson  200m freestyle  3.29.00
15yrs girls
Anjeleah Corrigan
50m freestyle                 29.88
50m backstroke      37.44
50m breaststroke   39.09
50m butterfly        32.40
100m freestyle      1.08.13     

Thanks To Cyndi McQueen for her photos